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Not only does preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) allow for the identification of genetically normal embryos, it is legal in the US to perform gender selection or family balancing. This is done by safely extracting a single cell from each embryo prior to transfer.

Gender Selection Consultation in Los Angeles

Pregnancy is obviously a complicated process, not only because of the complications that may occur during the delivery, but the whole process can be quite tiring and bothersome for everyone involved and not just the birthing mother. And if you are someone who wants to know the gender before the delivery, then HRC Fertility is the right place for your Gender selection in Los Angeles needs. Dr. Bradford Kolb is a leading medical doctor and a managing partner at HRC Fertility and is globally renowned for his extremely high success rate in pregnancy with IVF as well in Gender selection in the USA. Along with Hayley and Graeme, who have experienced the gender selection journey first hand, Dr. Bradford Kolb will guide you throughout the gender picking in Los Angeles process. With their expert Gender selection consultation in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about anything throughout and after the procedure, as they have done the very same with over 1000’s of intended parents globally. If you still have queries regarding the process, treatment, or anything for that matter, you can reach out to us anytime through our contact page, and you can also avail of a free consultation with Dr. Bradford Kolb.

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