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Gender Selection Process

Intended parents are guided through each step in the process with the help of Hayley and Graeme who have personally experienced the gender selection journey and are able to understand first hand what is involved, what to expect and advise can answer any questions from a personal, experienced perspective. 


A free consultation with Dr. Kolb is organized.

A highly experienced nurse from Dr. Kolb's Team is personally allocated to guide you through the process. 


A list of preliminary testing is provided and once completed are sent back to Dr. Kolb for review. 


Dates of travel and procedure are discussed then flights/accommodation can be booked.


Preconception Assessment

History and Physical Exam
Gynecological Exam and Ultrasound
Blood Tests
Semen Analysis


IVF Process

Treatment Consultation
Hormonal Stimulation
Egg Monitoring
Egg Retrieval
Semen Collection
Fertilization and Embryo Culture
Embryo Transfer
Freezing of Excess Healthy Embryos

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